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Poetry and such... (comment if you find a need to)

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Title: Poetry Could be Life

There is a land full of flowers,
with white castles, and tall towers,
damsels in distress awaiting rescue,
and their knights fighting with virtue.

There is a land where we stay young forever,
full of children and fairies living together,
where we remain intact by corruption,
knowing not to harbour bad emotion.

There is a land of immortals with pointy teeth,
those who were thought to be long beneath,
those who suck on blood to live eternally,
quite lonely creatures in need of progeny.

There is a land where you walk over corpses,
where you command unfathomable forces,
in which that city is truly under water,
when what you really want is your mother.

There is a land where we all live in harmony,
spreading love and joy, feeling empathy,
where everyone is happy, never depressed,
something with which I would be impressed.

There is a land waging endless wars,
with blue, red, green and other armies,
firing at each other, spreading terror,
a land of endless fear and tremor.

There's a land where you're with your muse,
where you, a love poet, do not lose,
leaving your poetry to the lonely,
to those wishing only company.

There are many more lands out there,
both sorrowful and ugly, joyous and fair,
waiting for us when we come home,
when we dream of things alone.

The land we chose as sentient beings,
is the world that exists, is the life that reigns.
It is a world of shattered dreams, full of success,
where we all give up just before we should.

By Alexander Mitic

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